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Enhanced Recycling Using Simple, Sustainable Technology

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Value Chain

From complex waste to premium quality raw materials, our robust process can convert any PET waste to premium quality raw materials and massively expand the circular economy for PET.

  • Plastic Pandemic

    PET plastic is everywhere - it's in your clothing, bottles and packaging, shoes, and boats! However most of this cannot be recycled by traditional methods due to contamination of food, chemicals, other plastics, or dyes and additives.

  • Revolutionary Technology

    Using simple sustainable chemicals and technology, DePoly has developed a process to recycle all PET plastics without the need to pre-wash, pre-sort, or separate out other plastics. we can save time, money and PET resources that would be otherwise thrown into landfills or incinerated.

  • What’s PTA?

    PTA - aka purified terephthalic acid is a white powder used in the PET resin industry during the polycondensation process to produce new PET plastic. Originally it’s produced from oil. Other usages: pharmaceuticals...

  • What’s MEG?

    MEG - aka mono-ethylene glycol is a clear liquid used in the PET resin industry to produce new PET plastic items via the polycondensation process. Another derivative from oil/fossil fuel.

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To produce MEG and PTA pure enough for repolymerization from any kind of PET waste.

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The diversity of PET

For this process to happen, PTA and MEG have to be highly pure which until now was only possible via virgin production from oil. With DePoly technology, they can be produce from plastic waste with matching quality and purity.

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PET Granules
What is PET resin used for?

The biggest application for PET resin is the ubiquitous PET bottle, used to package water and other drinks, and of particular value in parts of the world with no other clean water supply.

It is also used in other rigid packaging. Compounded with glass fibre, PET is also used to make technical components for automotive, electrical and industrial applications.

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Polyester Fibre
Here’s Why Polyester Fibre is useful

In the fiber world, PET is referred to as ‘polyester’. Its good stability and mechanical resistance, and cost make it attractive compared to natural fibers or other synthetic fibers.

Polyester fabrics are used extensively in apparel (100% polyester for workwear but usually blended with other fibers for fashion), and automotive upholstery. Polyester fibers are mostly used in thermal insulation for apparel, in pillows and comforters, and in cars for tire cord and safety belts.

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PET Films
What are PET films used for?

PET sheets and films are used in packaging and electronics. PET sheets are thermoformed into trays (for example boxes of chocolate). PET film has a unique ability to be stretched in two dimensions, and is usually sold as ‘BOPET’ (biaxially oriented PET).

In food packaging, BOPET film is for example metallized then welded onto yogurt pots to form a decorable seal. In the electrical industry it is used in capacitors (including for electric vehicles), photovoltaic modules and flexible displays

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All this is done without the addition of heat or pressure.
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