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Unlocking Opportunities: Julius' Internship at DePoly

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In July 2023, we welcomed Julius to DePoly in Sion, Switzerland, for a 6-month internship. Discover his experience below:

1. Why DePoly? 🌍

“After completing a previous internship in a large corporation, I set out in search of a more tailored experience with specific criteria in mind. Primarily, I was looking for an opportunity outside of Germany and the Netherlands with English as the primary language. The ideal company had to be a small entity, either a start-up or scale-up, characterized by rapid growth and a strong company culture. Additionally, proximity to mountains was a must. Located in Sion, Valais, DePoly perfectly met all these criteria, making it the ideal company for my internship”

2. Work & Challenges 🚀

“Having completed my master’s, I was happy to get some hands-on experience. As a Chemical Engineer, I was attracted to the challenges that such a position offers and was keen on solving them.

Working in a start-up often means working with limited resources, a reality that can be perceived positively or negatively. At DePoly, I embraced these challenges, finding joy not only in overcoming them independently but also in the seamless teamwork and team spirit that defines the company culture. Thriving in a start-up demands a 'go-getter' and 'do-it-yourself' mindset—autonomy and self-drive are key. It's an enriching work environment that not only equips you for professional growth but also contributes to personal development, preparing you for the next stages in life.”

3. Freedom & Company Culture 🌐

“I really enjoyed the freedom of work. At DePoly, there is a trust factor that is difficult to find elsewhere. You will not be micromanaged, and you have a sense of autonomy. However, you need to deliver on projects and meet deadlines, which is completely normal given the company’s dynamic. It’s almost like being a Project Manager (with some supervision), but I had a lot of freedom in my research.

As soon as I began my internship, I was able to take part in company-wide meetings, gaining insights on what other departments do, whether it’s HR, Finance, Operations, Marketing, I was able to broaden my knowledge while attending these meetings.

Lastly, I would say that something that I thoroughly enjoyed, was how accessible everyone was, especially the C-Level. You can discuss, exchange, laugh and get to know them, even on a personal level. If I ever had a question, they would gladly take some of their time to explain the answer or listen to a suggestion I had. DePoly felt remarkably 'human,' and I was pleasantly surprised by how inclusive it felt to be part of the team, rather than just another intern passing through.”

4. Recommendations & Reflections 🌱

“Let’s be honest, a start-up environment is not for everyone. However, if you are looking for a very promising company, actively working on creating a sustainable future, with great company culture, then look no further. Success in this environment requires a specific set of qualities: self-drive, organization, autonomy, and proactive problem-solving. If you possess these, there's nothing stopping you from thoroughly enjoying your internship at DePoly.

Something that I also really enjoyed was to see that we were indeed 50/50 in terms of gender split, with a multicultural and diverse background among team members. It was great to get to know them, where they came from as well as certain cultures or recipes from their countries.

Overall, my internship has been nothing short of a blast, knowing my research would help DePoly in their expansion and finding new solutions to the current plastic problem. As I end my internship here, it’s time for me to look forward onto my next adventure. However, who knows, I might be back with them one day!”

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Published / January 10, 2024
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