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DePoly at South Summit 2023

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It was a great pleasure to present our technology in Madrid.

As South Summit finalists, we recently had the privilege of participating in South Summit Madrid, a renowned event that brings together visionary entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders. Our startup eagerly embraced this opportunity to showcase our revolutionary recycling technology during a dedicated pitch session.

Months of preparation led us to Spain, where we were excited to engage with a diverse audience, proudly presenting the potential of our recycling solution that is tackling the pressing plastic waste management challenges. And so we did, showcasing how our technology streamlines PET plastic recycling processes, minimizes environmental impact, and fosters a circular economy.

Sam Anderson and Marly Levene at South Summit 2023 in Madrid
Sam Anderson and Marly Levene at South Summit 2023 in Madrid

The response we received from the audience exceeded our expectations! Industry professionals, investors, and fellow startups were genuinely interested in our vision and the positive impact our tech is about to make on a larger scale. We engaged in meaningful discussions and established valuable connections with individuals who shared our commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Big thanks to all the attendees, fellow startuppers, and last but not least, the organizers and the jury for hosting such an amazing event!

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Published / June 15, 2023
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