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Having built and optimized our pre-demo plant, we are about to build and optimize our 500 T-per-year showcase plant. We are also continually innovating, developing, and optimizing our DePoly process for PET recycling, advancing our techniques to recycle other consumer and industrial-based plastic waste on the lab scale and implementing these processes to the pilot scale. To assist in these ambitious aims, we are looking to expand our laboratory team by hiring additional laboratory-based chemists.

R&D, Q&A
Sion, Switzerland
Responsibilities you'll be handling:
  • Conduct and manage innovative laboratory scale experiments with the aim of optimizing existing processes, liaising with the R&D and Engineering Teams
  • Assisting with sample testing and validation analysis of plastic waste provided by potential partners, coordinating with the Business Development Team
  • Conduct routine and non-routine analysis on material produced at the lab, pilot and commercial scale, from the chemical recycling of different types of plastic provided by customers
  • Complete internal reports communicating work carried out and write experimental and quality reports for partners and customers.
  • Additionally, work independently on internal laboratory projects, to further understand, enhance and scale the chemical recycling of plastic.
We expect you to have these skills:
  • Ph.D of Masters in chemistry or chemical engineering, with a strong focus and enthusiasm for environmental and sustainable chemistry; with extensive knowledge of analytical information such as ICP and HPLC
  • Can think independently, be well organized and motivated, and have good communication skills as part of small and large teams, with the ability to cultivate and develop the role
  • Be fluent in English and have an intermediate knowledge of French
  • Have a Swiss working permit or be able to obtain a work permit in Switzerland.
Here's what we can offer:
  • Full time position in our laboratory, in Sion
  • A stimulating, diverse, and dynamic working environment
  • The chance to grow and expand horizons with our company and make a real change
  • Become involved in the scaling up and development of new recycling technologies
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